Common Release Notes Format


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Software Bill of Materials
Software-as-a-Service BOM
Vulnerability Exploitability Exchange
Manufacturing Bill of Materials
Operations Bill of Materials
Bill of Vulnerabilities
Javascript Object Notation
Extensible Markup Language
Protocol Buffers

CycloneDX standardizes release notes into a common, machine-readable format. This capability unlocks new workflow potential for software publishers and consumers alike. This functionality works with or without the Bill of Materials capabilities of the spec.

  • Provides a common format in which to consume or publish release notes
  • Every component and service may optionally contain release notes
  • Helps reduce risk and operational expense by providing upgrade and security information to consumers
  • Release notes include everything necessary for publishing into multiple formats, including:
    • Version information
    • Multilingual descriptions
    • Tags to aid search engines
    • Issues (defects, enhancements, and security) resolved in a release
    • Featured and social images

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