CycloneDX is a lightweight software bill of materials (SBOM) standard designed for use in application security contexts and supply chain component analysis.


  • 26 May 2020: CycloneDX SBOM specification v1.2 has been released and includes ‘firmware’ and ‘container’ component types, SWID tags, service components, applied patches, JSON support, and enhanced BOM metadata and dependency graphs previously only available through extensions.


Modern software is assembled using third-party and open source components, glued together in complex and unique ways, and integrated with original code to achieve the desired functionality. An accurate inventory of all components enables organizations to identify risk, allows for greater transparency, and enables rapid impact analysis.

CycloneDX was created for this purpose.

Strategic direction and maintenance of the specification is managed by the CycloneDX Core working group, with origins in the OWASP community.

Project Goals

  • Define a vendor agnostic specification independent of language or ecosystem
  • Specification should be machine readable
  • Specification should be easy to implement with minimal effort
  • Specification should be simple and performant to parse
  • Specification should provide lightweight schema definitions for JSON and XML
  • Specification should reuse parts of existing specs where beneficial
  • Specification should be extensible to support specialized and future use cases
  • Specification should be decentralized, authoritative, and security focused
  • Specification should promote continuous component analysis
  • Specification should support hardware, libraries, frameworks, applications, containers, and operating systems

Achievable Use Cases


CycloneDX defines two unique namespaces, a bill-of-material (bom) namespace and a SPDX namespace. The SPDX namespace evolves independently of the bom namespace and consists of license identifiers. As new SPDX licenses are added to the SPDX specification over time, those changes will be reflected in the bom schema automatically.


CycloneDX is a versioned schema and operates as follows:

  • will always reference the latest version of the spec.
  • Supplying a version after /bom such as will specify a specific version of the spec.

CycloneDX is a versioned schema and conforms to JSON Schema draft-07.

  • Supplying a version, such as will specify a specific version of the spec (starting with 1.2).

Example SBOM

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<bom xmlns="" serialNumber="urn:uuid:3e671687-395b-41f5-a30f-a58921a69b79" version="1">
    <component type="library">
        <hash alg="MD5">3942447fac867ae5cdb3229b658f4d48</hash>
        <hash alg="SHA-1">e6b1000b94e835ffd37f4c6dcbdad43f4b48a02a</hash>
        <hash alg="SHA-256">f498a8ff2dd007e29c2074f5e4b01a9a01775c3ff3aeaf6906ea503bc5791b7b</hash>
        <hash alg="SHA-512">e8f33e424f3f4ed6db76a482fde1a5298970e442c531729119e37991884bdffab4f9426b7ee11fccd074eeda0634d71697d6f88a460dce0ac8d627a29f7d1282</hash>
      <purl>pkg:maven/org.apache.tomcat/[email protected]</purl>
      <!-- More components here -->
  "bomFormat": "CycloneDX",
  "specVersion": "1.2",
  "serialNumber": "urn:uuid:3e671687-395b-41f5-a30f-a58921a69b79",
  "version": 1,
  "components": [
      "type": "library",
      "publisher": "Apache",
      "group": "org.apache.tomcat",
      "name": "tomcat-catalina",
      "version": "9.0.14",
      "hashes": [
          "alg": "MD5",
          "content": "3942447fac867ae5cdb3229b658f4d48"
          "alg": "SHA-1",
          "content": "e6b1000b94e835ffd37f4c6dcbdad43f4b48a02a"
          "alg": "SHA-256",
          "content": "f498a8ff2dd007e29c2074f5e4b01a9a01775c3ff3aeaf6906ea503bc5791b7b"
          "alg": "SHA-512",
          "content": "e8f33e424f3f4ed6db76a482fde1a5298970e442c531729119e37991884bdffab4f9426b7ee11fccd074eeda0634d71697d6f88a460dce0ac8d627a29f7d1282"
      "licenses": [
          "license": {
            "id": "Apache-2.0"
      "purl": "pkg:maven/org.apache.tomcat/[email protected]"


A wide variety of implementations are available in the CycloneDX Tool Center. The Tool Center is a community effort to establish a marketplace of free, open source, and proprietary tools and solutions that support the CycloneDX specification.

CycloneDX is designed with simplicity in mind. The specification is well documented and includes examples of common use cases. CycloneDX is language, ecosystem, and vendor agnostic and encourages community innovation in the creation of new implementations.


Support for additional use-cases or metadata is enabled through the use of schema extensions. Several extensions from the CycloneDX community have been created which build upon a SBOMs base capabilities.

BOM Descriptor

The BOM Descriptor extension provides the ability to add additional metadata about the system, asset, or application the BOM describes. This extension is applicable to CycloneDX v1.1 only.

Documentation and examples

Dependency Graph

The Dependency Graph extension provides the ability to describe components and their dependency on other components. This extension is applicable to CycloneDX v1.1 only.

Documentation and examples


The Vulnerability extension provides the ability to represent component vulnerabilities in a BOM. This extension is applicable to CycloneDX v1.1 and higher.

Documentation and examples

Release History

VersionRelease Date
CycloneDX 1.226 May 2020
CycloneDX 1.103 March 2019
CycloneDX 1.026 March 2018
Initial Prototype01 May 2017

Project History

CycloneDX was designed in 2017 for use with OWASP Dependency-Track, an open-source Supply Chain Component Analysis platform. The primary use-cases CycloneDX was designed to solve were vulnerability identification, license compliance, and outdated component analysis. Additional capabilities were added in subsequent releases of the specification.

The value of a lightweight software bill-of-material specification, capable of achieving real-world usecases, transcends the boundaries of a single vendor or supplier. Therefore, a dedicated open source project, independent of OWASP, was setup to develop the specification, the implementations, and move the format into widespread adoption. Today, thousands of organizations ranging from financial services, manufacturing, government, software, and security firms are producing and consuming CycloneDX SBOMs.