Authoritative Guide to SBOM

Implement and Optimize use of Software Bill of Materials

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Scenarios and Recommendations

The following recommendations are for common scenarios that are frequently cited or inquired about by the CycloneDX community.

General Guidance

  • The SBOM should have a single bom.metadata.component without subcomponents
  • The SBOM should describe the software components and external services the application depends on in bom.components and, respectively
  • The SBOM should include as much information about the components and services as possible
  • The SBOM should describe the dependencies between software components and any services
  • The SBOM should describe the lifecycles involved in the creation of the SBOM
  • The SBOM should provide evidence of component identity, the methods and techniques used, and their associated confidence
  • The SBOM should provide evidence of observed licenses and copyright statements


  • Each microservice should have an independent SBOM
  • Optionally, a SaaSBOM can be leveraged to describe the inventory of all services that make up an application
    • Each service in the SaaSBOM can then reference the SBOM specific to that service

Single Application (monolith, mobile app, etc)

  • Optionally, the runtime environment and configuration of the application may also be specified

Multi-Product Solution

  • The SBOM should have a single bom.metadata.component and leverage subcomponents
  • The “solution” is the bom.metadata.component. For each product included, ensure each is listed as a subcomponent of bom.metadata.component

Multi-Module Product

  • The SBOM should have a single bom.metadata.component without subcomponents
  • Each module should be its own component, specified under bom.components. Each module may then either:
    • Include subcomponents, thus creating a hierarchy, or
    • Use external references to link to each modules independent SBOM

Using Modified Open Source Software

  • Include component pedigree for each modified open source component

SBOM as Resource Locator

  • Use of external references transforms CycloneDX into a “table of contents” for all relevant information about a product or any component included in a product.
  • Possibilities include referencing threat models, maturity models, and quality metrics

SBOM in Release Management

  • For products defined in bom.metadata.component, include machine-readable release notes
  • Create a publishing process for CycloneDX release notes which transforms them into PDF, Markdown, HTML, or plain text
  • Leverage custom lifecycles and properties for release management and governance
  • Sign SBOMs prior to distribution