Authoritative Guide to SBOM

Implement and Optimize use of Software Bill of Materials

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Leveraging Data Components

Data components provide the ability to inventory data as part of a bill of material. This specialized type of component benefits from all the other capabilities that CycloneDX provides, including tracking the provenance and pedigree of data.

A data “type” describes the general theme or subject matter of the data being specified. The following are supported types:

Type Description
configuration Parameters or settings that may be used by other components.
dataset A collection of data.
definition Data that can be used to create new instances of what the definition defines.
source-code Any type of code, code snippet, or data-as-code.
other Any other type of data that does not fit into existing definitions.

To help visualize a typical scenario, let’s describe an application with a few different data components that represent custom source code and configurations bundled in an application.

Nested Component Data

Other possible scenarios include:

  • Inclusion of all source code that makes up a component.
  • Inclusion of inline datasets bundled with a component.
  • Externalizing the data components using an External Reference of type ‘bom’.
  • Leveraging CycloneDX lifecycles and External References to create an Operations Bill of Materials (OBOM) linking the SBOM of the application, the HBOM of the hardware it’s running on, and describing the runtime configuration of the system in the OBOM.

This example, similar to the previous illustration, involves Acme Application which includes the Javascript source code for a shutdown hook. In this case, both are from different suppliers.

"components": [
    "bom-ref": "acme-application",
    "type": "application",
    "name": "Acme Application",
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "supplier": { "name": "Acme Inc" },
    "components": [
        "type": "data",
        "name": "Shutdown Hook",
        "supplier": { "name": "Example Company" },      
        "data": [
            "type": "source-code",
            "contents": {
              "attachment": {
                "contentType": "text/javascript",
                "encoding": "base64",
                "content": "Y29uc29sZS5sb2coJ0dvb2RCeWUnKQ=="

CycloneDX does not attempt to normalize configurations into a common vocabulary. Systems and applications may have specialized ways of representing configurations that are specific to them. Rather, CycloneDX leverages existing support for name/value pairs (properties), attachments, and URLs to external resources. With this approach, common and specialized configuration mechanisms are supported. Consumers of BOMs with data components will need to understand the context and semantics of the data specified.